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Commercial Window Washing Service
Serving Indiana & Southwest Michigan

Professional Commercial Window Cleaning in Indiana & SW Michigan

Performance Plus began as Gary Window Cleaning in 1917. Gary Window Cleaning was created by Aaron Weinraub, the first generation of our family to be in the cleaning industry. When we began cleaning windows in the early 1900’s, work was done by hand, walking up to store fronts. Not much has changed in that area of the business, but buildings have gotten bigger and Performance Plus’s window washing division has grown to keep up with the increasing demands. We now provide walk-up as well as high rise window cleaning. Performance Plus is insured and can provide service up to 30 stories. Our window technicians are OSHA Certified and trained in the industry’s latest technology.  Our window techs can hang off the side of a building on a bolsun chair or clean up to 5 stories with a water-fed pole system.

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