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Industries Performance Plus has served
for Last 100 Years

Office and Corporate Buildings

Whether you are a small shop owner or you are in charge of a big corporation, your offices need cleaning. Performance Plus has provided services to all different industries for the last century.

Education Facilities

Our company believes in providing a clean environment for education so we equip ourselves with the highest quality equipment and materials. Performance Plus offers safe cleaning for all schools and universities campuses. 

Medical and Clinical Facilities

At Performance Plus we understand the high-importance of the exceptional cleaning needs of medical and other healthcare establishments. The cleaning methods differ from other businesses and must be completed with considerable attention to detail and skill. Our technicians are trained in all healthcare cleaning protocols and are certified in medical and clinical locales.

Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

Performance Plus has built up their repertoire and experience over the last century, via cleaning and janitorial services. We have always provided such services for manufacturing and industrial facilities as well as painting, welding, maintenance, line-striping and material handling.

Municipal Facilities

Cities and other municipalities are known for working off of strict budgets, so here at Performance Plus, we have created affordable cleaning contracts that we individualize for each city.


Performance Plus understands and respects churches, houses of worship and other religious establishments and will provide cleaning services delivered with extra care and attention.


Banks require care and attention, and Performance Plus understands the importance and security they need. We have been cleaning banks for the last century and are prepared to handle the responsibility that comes with that.

Auto Dealerships

Performance Plus provides the constant care and attention to detail that auto dealerships require from being on display continuously. 


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